Favorite Authors

Just a list of really gifted authors. Some are still writing, some sniff are not. All seriously kick-ass.

A Ship author specializes in Jack/Sam fiction and a 'canon' author tries to keep any hint of romance out of their writings.

Ship Authors

Author Notes
Alli Snow Wonderful SJ UST and friendship stories.
Michelle V. Angst, Humor, Fluff -- these stories are fun!
Neuropsych New kid on the block- wonderful "campy" Jack/Sam stories.
Jojo Great SJ writer. Unfortunatley, she has fallen out of SG fandom, and has written anything new since Feb. 2004.
Karibou An heir to Sally Reeve in my humble opinon. Karen has written three long SJ (and SG-1) tales in an amazing three-story arc. READ them. Now. You won't regret it.
Gunfodder's email Retired. Sniff. But still one of the classic SJ writers.If you search hard enough, you can still find some of her stories! She retired from fanfiction writing in order to pen/edit actual SG novels!
Sally Reeve The Diva of ship fic with oodles of awards to show for it!
Seldear Humor, Adventure- Seldear does it all...and usually with a J/S twist.
SG1-fanfic Drama, angst, adventure, humor..is there anyhing this gal can't do?
Suz Another award-winner. Prolific and funny as heck.Also retired, but her stories are fabulous and still well worth reading.

Canon/ Non-Ship Authors

Author (website) Favorite Character Genre
Arren Daniel fic Drama, Tag stories
Alyosius or here Daniel Angst, Drama, Slash
BadgerGater or here Jack Drama
Brenda Anders General Drama
ELG Jack/Daniel (not slash) Drama, Angst
Flatkatsi or here Jack Drama, Angst, H/C
Gumnut Jack Angst
JoaG Jack & Daniel friendship Action/Adventure, Angst
Jb A bit of everyone, but mostly Daniel Action/Adventure, Angst
Jmas A bit of everyone, but mostly Daniel Tag fic, vignettes
Nancy Richardson Daniel Angst, Drama, Tag fic
OzKaren Medical Consideration Series Tag fic, hurt/comfort
Pho or here General Short vignettes
Pough Daniel Angsty mid-size stories
Redbyrd Team, Jack, Daniel Episode tags
Scribe Daniel Humor, Hurt/Comfort
Thel Daniel Drama, Angst, Team
TravellingOne Daniel Drama, Angst
Yum Everyone Drama, Humor, Action/Adventure

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Last updated 8/8/2005