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These are some of my favorite SG-1 stories. I have tried to keep them alphabetical based on the genre, but might have one or two out of place. These are not (by far) all my favorite stories, just the ones I had saved over the years on my hard drive. I have tried to get permission by all the authors to include their stories on this page. If the link doesn't work (it'll just show up as something.html, most likely I haven't received permission yet. It's a great story though, so I encourage you to go out there and find it!

If you are one of the authors and I wasn't able to get a hold of you (your email address didn't work), please don't take offense. Just let me know if you'd like me to remove the link and I will post haste.

November 21, 2006 - I added a few new stories - just look for the icon. Sorry I don't have time to read more!!

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Action/Adventure/General Story

Title Author Season Size
Asgard Sequence Gumnut Season 7 485kb
Ab Ovo Roxie Not Given 154kb
Acceptable Casualties Lin L. Barrett and Sazz 3 or later 154kb
Old Debts Series MajelB and Devra Season 3 225kb
Ovetime SG1-Fanfic Season 6 ?
Prodigal Son Biblio 4 70kb
Second Chances JoaG 4? 5? 164kb
Telios Sazz 4 176kb
Theodore's Comet Jojo 7 153kb
This Cannot Be Happening Jojo 4, AU 310kb
The Weather Outside Doc   196kb


Title Author Season Size
A Simple Exchange BadgerGater 132kb
Be Sure Your Sins Kaz Not Given 78kb
Bravado Badgerbater Season 7
The Coldest of Hearts Jackie O'Neill Nut Season 3? 400kb
  Fate: At the End of Dreams Thel Season 2 Novel-length
Medical Considerations: Matter of Time OzKaren Not Given 105kb
 Painful Separations Neuropsych AU Longish
 Of God and Men Flatkatsi R
One Step at a Time Corine PG 13 300kb
Salvage Operation Carrie 5 254kb
Siobahn Series Pough PG-PG13 Long, but worth it!
Venus Breaking Morgan 5- Meridian 30kb
Worth It Joolz Not Given 89kb


Title Author Season Size
A Circle of One's Own Jonah in the Whale Not Given 68kb
Bless The Regs Jojo 1 11kb
Compromising Positions Dimac99 ? short
Of Elephants and Scientists Jojo 5 22kb
Daniel's Lesson Nancy Richardson N/A 10kb
E-mail Jenny L PG 189kb
His and Hers or here Blue Topaz PG ?
 Inspiration gothangelgirl 4 ?
It's Raining Men! Seldear 5 107kb
Morning Rituals Layton Colt 17kb Short
 My 2IC is Better than Your 2IC shiny silver girl Season 5
Sap Suz 6 16kb
Photochick Series MajelB 16kb
Thermodynamic Melissa Beattie Not Given 41kb
The Archaeologist Gets it Wrong Quokka07 Not Given 11kb
The Challenge Hawk50 PG 30kb


Title Author Rating Size
Best of All Toulouse 5 59kb
Crisis Jojo PG 385kb
Double Discovery Sally Reeve Late 4 74kb
Gloss or here Gail R. Delaney 9 4kb
The Honeyheavy Dew of Slumber Kate McCaye Season 3 ?
The Intergalactic Social Event of The Decade Vicky Ocean 8 (AU) ?
Just Around the Eyes Alli Snow Season 4 27kb
Lullaby Sheryl MartinNantus- PG-13 20kb
Reap What is Sown | Learned by Heart, Kept in Mind
The Path From Yesterday
Karibou PG-13 Long, but worth it!
Semiprecious Suz PG-13 161kb
Theodore's Comet Jojo PG 153kb
What Will It Take? GG1-Fanfic All Hefty - but worth it!
With This Tear Sharim   178 kb


Title Author Character Rating Size
All's Well Lady Ann Daniel PG-14 65kb
Average, Everyday Thel Daniel PG short
Bravado Badgerbater PG-13
 Bushido | Shidachi lembas7 Daniel PG-13 longish (but worth it!)
Conversing With Cliffs Jojo Sam PG ?
Daniel Jackson, Accidental Hero Lady Gray Daniel G 23kb
Don't Think of An Elephant Alli Snow Sam Late 3 111kb
  Fate: At the End of Dreams Thel Daniel PG-14 Novel-length
Lazarus Brenna Daniel PG-13 ?
A Matter of Foregiveness BadgerGater Jack PG 27kb
A Simple Exchange BadgerGater Jack R 132kb
Be Sure Your Sins Kaz Daniel Not Given 78kb
The Wolf at the Door Arren Daniel PG 98kb
Indiana Daniel Layton Colt Daniel Not Given Mid length
Matchmaker Roxie Daniel PG-13 106kb
Medical Considerations: Matter of Time OzKaren Jack Not Given 105kb
One Step at a Time Corine Jack PG 13 300kb
Psychology 101 Jingles Daniel 36kb
Some Pain Stays Jennamajig Daniel PG-13 54kb
Through the Eyes of a Serpent eos Daniel PG-13 ?
Unfinished Business BadgerGater Jack PG-13 58kb
Why Docs Don't Get Guns Werff Janet PG-13 106 kb


Title Author Season Size
Changes Vicky Ocean Season 8 ?
Desperate Endeavors Redbyrd Season 2 ?
  Force Mara Jade ? 115 mb
Just Around the Eyes Alli Snow Season 4 27kb

Missing, but still beloved!

Title Author Season Size
The Towel Trap Gunfodder ?
The Things We Say Prologue | Part 1 Gunfodder PG-13 ?

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