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A brief list of some of the Stargate sites out there. The first contains general Stargate info, the second the fanfic collection sites, and the third a few of the major (and minor!) award sites out there. Have a site you think should be included here? Please let me know.

General Stargate Information
Gateworld Wonderful episdoe guide, complete with poll of how each episode stacked up in the ratings and to the fans. All the current Stargate news is posted here so be warned of spoilers! Links to interviews with the main characters always fun to read!
Stargatefan Besides fanfic, Stargatefan has a wonderful image gallery and episode guide
Stargate Compendium Alphabetical listing of all things Stargate.
Fanfic Compilation Sites
Stargate FanFiction Archives My current favorite for searching and reading. Well organized and chock-full of some really amazing authors.
Gateworld FanFiction The new kid on the block. Gateworld realized they already had quite a fanbase, why not branch out into fanfiction?
Heliopolis For the longest time, this was the place to go to search for fanfiction. Last year it fell under new ownership, and updates have since then been sporadic. However The site has improved loads since then and their search engine is still second to none. (Although it's too bad it doesn't search the old archives!) On your first visit to this site, you simply must disable the adds (click on the menu drop down box in the upper right corner). This was the first place I stumbled upon in fanfic reading and it is still the best place to post for glorious, instantaneous feedback. A lot of new writers post here first and it's a wonderful place to browse through just fanfic writing about any t.v show, book or movie you can think of!
Sam/Jack Directory This is the shipper's holy grail of fanfic stories. What's funny is that I am actually not posted here as I have a *ahem* thing against mailing lists. Ever wonder where all your spam comes from? Might be the mailing lists you subscribe to... Oops- did i use my outloud voice on that. Sorry!

Regardless, there are some really, really great works in here and if i can figure out a way to join without getting onto yahoo, i'm so in.

Stargate Novel Archive Want to spend an entire day immerced in a Stargate story? Try these stories out! Novels can range anywhere from 150 kb to 600 kb and above
Award Sites


Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards Vote, excercise your rights as a fan! This annual award site has been dolling out fanfiction awards to authors since 2001. Very well organized and a wonderful place to go to check out the best of the best for the last several years.
Sam/Jack Fanfiction Awards For all the shippers out there, this site is for you. Now in it's second year, this site houses the best in ship.
All Things Awards All Things Awards
Brand new site devoted to handing out awards for the best in Gen fic writing.
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