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Updated! Gads, it took me forever, but I have finally updated Kira's bio. As a handy reference, I've included Kira's age and where she is with her education at the beginning of each season (her birthday is in December, and falls in the "middle" of each season). Shortcuts to various stories included for reference.

  • Name: Kira Meyers
  • Birthdate: December 5, 1977 (which makes her 19/20 during Season 1)
  • Physical Characteristics Long dark "frizzy" hair that is often pulled back in a pony tale, glasses, petite
  • Occupation: Currently a part-time Barista at Victor's Coffee Shop in Colorado Springs.
  • Studies: Kira received a BA in Classical Studies (minor Linguistics) from Colorado State University. She is now working on her Masters in Ancient History and Languages and has become fascinated with language classification schemas. Although not nearly as smart as Daniel, she can hold her own.
  • Quirks: She doesn't drink coffee. Has a pair of panties named after her.
  • Family connection: Although Kira doesn't know this, it appears that her mom was the woman who sold Sam her skirt back in 1969.
  • Co-Workers: The only other regular character we know about is Stefan, a 20-something Gay Barista who flirts shamelessly with Daniel. And anyone else he happens to think is cute!

Season 1 (Kira is 19 and in her 2nd year of university)

Kira Meyers is first introduced in the story First Impressions shortly after Daniel returns from Abydos in episode 1,Children of the Gods. She is not a Stargate character and was indeed created from my own imagination and not those of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, or Gekko Productions.

After several visits to Kira's coffee shop, Daniel let's it slip that he speaks Greek and soon we learn a little about Kira's studies and interests. Kira helps Daniel out after he "escapes" the infirmary following his visit to Nem's world and later she drools over Colonel O'Neill after he comes into her shop dressed in military splendor. Kira is 20 and in her second year of undergraduate study.

Season 2 (Kira is 20 and in her 3rd year of university)

Season 2 stories begin with a slightly illegal visit to O'Malleys. The poor girl then goes through a rough spell as she first helps Daniel when he stumbles into her shop after his sarcophagus addition and later Jacob Carter when the ailing General passes out in her store. But all is not doom and gloom for our favorite Barista! She gets a little Daniel TLC at the local library and later has fun with Teal'c, Cassie, Jack and Daniel while playing in the park. And last but not least, her 21st birthday is unwittingly saved by all of SG-1 in a most dramatic way.

Season 3 (Kira is 21 and in her final year of university)

We next meet up with Kira after Daniel pays her a visit after returning from his extended "vacation" on Hathor's planet. His haircut meets with Kira's approval, but she still can't quite figure out why Daniel looks so pale and haggard. She doesn't quite believe Daniel's explanation that he was kidnapped by aliens. After serendipitously running into Daniel in Seattle, Kira returns to Colorado Springs, only to find Daniel acting extremely strange. She wonders if maybe he is on drugs, when he comes into her store acting more than a little crazy. What follows next is a series of encounters that has Kira becoming more and more worried why Daniel is avoiding her . She never does quite find out why, but life in the coffee shop settles back down into a routine, and Daniel even answers a few of her questions with regards to what he does for a living.

Kira eventually graduates from college and after helping Jack and Daniel clear up a little misunderstanding, hops a plane to Egypt where she is doing a little Graduate work. Kira and Daniel continue to write back and forth during her three month stay in Egypt, and she returns to the U.S. on the very day Jack, Daniel and Sam decide they really need a good steak...

Season 4 (Kira is 22 and starting work on her Masters degree)

Kira actually figures a few things out after a drunken evening searching the Internet, but (evil woman that I am) forgets it all in the morning. A few weeks later, she is rather amused when a chipper Colonel O'Neill pays her a visit. She doesn't quite know if she should believe his explanation of a sensory deprivation expirament. Stefan tries his hand at making Daniel a new drink after he comes into the shop looking a little rough around the edges.

Kira is rescued from an excruciating date at a miniature golf course and ends up having fun playing a round with SG-1. General Hammond pays Kira a visit and then a few week later she runs into Daniel whle flying to her first professional conference.

Daniel attempted to see Kira following a strange afternoon at the SGC. Ah, but Kira wasn't around as she has a new boyfriend (Kyle). Although still thinking Kyle-thoughts, Kira helps keep Daniel sane while "trapped" with Jack during a quarantine.

Season 5 (Kira is 23 and working on her Masters)

Kira gratefully accepts some career advice from Daniel, and surprises herself by applying for some rather unorthodox jobs. After hearing back from one unlikely job prospect, Kira takes a break to watch a television pilot at Stefans.

Things turn surreal for Ms. Meyers when she breaks up with her boyfriend and sits through a very strange job interview. Unbeknownst to her, Daniel and Jack have a talk and come to a few decisions themselves...about Kira. After surviving a grueling two weeks without knowing what she will do, Kira accepts a dinner invitation to Daniel's and (finally!) is offered a job at the SGC.

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