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This series continues where the Barista left off with Daniel's "death" in Season 5. Kira, Daniel's former Barista, had accepted a job working for Daniel as his Assistant shortly before his ascension. After much soul-searching, Kira decides to accept the job at the SGC even though Daniel won't be there. This series of stories takes a look at Kira as she begins her career as a Linguistic Assistant (cataloger) at the Stargate Command.

I'm going to do my best to continue to keep these stories as canon as possible. There might be the occasion or two when I fail, but for the most part - if you didn't see Kira in a scene in season 6, than odds are I'm not going to write her in through my stories. ;p

Season 6

Chapter 1- My Invisible Friend Chapter 2 - Orientation
Chapter 3- Goa'uld 101 Chapter 4- The Rules of Ascension
Chapter 5- Truth is Stranger than Fiction Chapter 6 - Jinx
Chapter 7- Grapevine Chapter 8- Flashback
Chapter 9 - Infirmary  Chapter 10 - Excuses 


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